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Our LED 2 Pillar Or Elite 4 Pillar Head Table Lighted Backdrop Will WOW Your Guests!

Wedding Lighting With The WOW Factor 

Imagine the photos you will get when choosing one of our stunning LED head table backdrop packages for your wedding!

 Our 2 LED COLUMN Package (Left) Is beautiful and plenty enough to WOW your guests, but our 4 LED COLUMNPackage (Right) is the KING OF THE WOW FACTOR!  Our LED Columns can be set to many different color to suit your tastes or bridal party colors. Imagine the pictures as you will be showcased with this spectacular backdrop! Head table lighting can set the attention on YOU for your big day and is an essential part of your wedding lighting and decor. 

See Sample LED Backdrop Wedding Lighting With Lighted Columns Videos Below

LED Backdrops

Lighted columns