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The above pictures are just a few. Simply Email us at and we will send you a pdf file of beautiful options ranging from floral patterns, to hearts,to stars and snow, and even company logos! (we can also create a custom print for you!) We can project on the floor or ceiling of your venue turning it into a unique and beautiful event for you and your guests! Let us light up your big day and make memories to last a lifetime! 

The Ultimate Wow Factor

Texture And Star Projection​

For Your Wedding Or Event​

We have hundreds of projection options for you to choose from!

Wall or ceiling texture​​


Imagine The WOW FACTOR your guests will have as they are dining, drinking, laughing, and enjoying your big day under a beautiful star display! Featuring clouds, shooting stars, and realistic displays, it is sure to be a smash hit!

​Your wedding will be the event that everyone is talking about all year!

We can create a star pattern on up to 20000 square feet of ceiling!!!

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